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Tiber River at Home


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Mission, Vision & Values

Tiber River is a company that is passionate about its customers, its team, its community and its environment. Just as we connect passionately with our customers, we want them to connect passionately with us. We want everyone to know who we are and what we stand for. What makes us tick, what drives us and ultimately what makes us unique.

Our Vision is to:
Operate Tiber River as a profitable business, true to its values, providing our customers with the products, services, information and knowledge to lead a fun and healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission is to:
Establish Tiber River as the leading provider of personal care products and self care services that do not harm either the person or the environment while maintaining our dedication to our team and our customers through the finest products and services and honest education.

Those are the formal words. We aren’t that formal usually, at Tiber River. In plain speak, we want to educate our customers on why we choose the ingredients we do, why we make the products we do and how these products and ingredients help them. We make sure our ingredients are safe for our lakes, forests and air, as well as for people. And we do this all while having fun and trying to forge our own path, rather than follow someone else’s.

Tiber River Core Values
PASSION: Be passionate about what we do every day.
PRESERVATION: Protect and enrich our community and environment.
LEADERSHIP: Be a SUPERHERO. Have the courage to shape a better tomorrow.
DISTINCTION: Embrace change and challenge the status quo.
TRANSPARENCY: Be real, all the time and in everything we do.

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