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LBS Yoga & Athletic Wear is a retail company based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The ultimate goal of LBS Wear is to provide quality clothing that is wearable by and affordable for everybody. Referring to their style as "Athleisure Wear."

Whether working out, going to the store, hanging out with friends or spending quality time with family, the clothing that has been selected is designed to suit all occasions while remaining in quality condition wash after wash.

LBS Yoga & Athletic Wear is run by a husband and wife team. They have been living in Winnipeg for over 16 years and live very active lives between work, fitness, friends and family. Winnipeg is a market full of great people who are in need of a quality athletic/athleisure line that is affordable. Their goal is to make that dream a reality for Winnipegger's, Manitoban's and beyond.

One of the coolest things LBS Wear can offer their customers is the opportunity to purchase clothing made right here in Canada. LBS Wear is proud to say their suppliers are Canadian companies and that many of the suppliers make their products on Canadian soil.

LBS Yoga & Athletic Wear can be purchased at Home Run Sports at 20 De La Seigneurie Blvd in Winnipeg Manitoba, at local events around Manitoba or through the website.

LBS Yoga & Athletic Wear are here to serve their customers in providing trendy yet classic, affordable yet great quality, functional yet stylish, yoga, athletic and athleisure wear.


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